What We do

Over 150 products

Our range is constantly evolving to promptly react to new market needs. We sell and distribute our product in Italy and abroad both with brand and private-label brands. We deliver a service that is much more than just the products that we sell; we are always on hand to help you with whatever you may need, however much or however little.

We customize
Products for companies

Many companies want us to realize production under its own brand. They can rely on solid expertise, cutting-edge facilities, the support of our R&D staff and the chance to customize the product in all its attributes, from the recipe to the packaging.

and for the
food service

Equally numerous are food service operators that want high quality of the products, ease of use and practicality of formats and exactly for this reason they choose our products to always keep alive and updated their menu. .

We recognize and appreciate the trust that customers place in us by improving our performance continuously and strive to be the best in everything we do.