Le Conserve Daune

A Warm Welcome
To Cerignola, Puglia, best known as one of the greatest producers of artichokes and tomatoes. The birthplace of 'Bella della Daunia’, the green DOP olive.
You’ve just reached the homeland of fine food, the sun-bleached Southern Italy and, to be specific, the Capitanata that coincides with the ancient Daunia and current Province of Foggia.


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A multi-certified and updated system of control
Genuine Tradition

What we do...

Our range is constantly evolving to promptly react to new market needs. We sell and distribute our product in Italy and abroad both with brand and private-label brands.

We deliver a service that is much more than just the products that we sell; we are always on hand to help you with whatever you may need, however much or however little.

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How We Do

Le Conserve Daune has taken the opportunities offered by international standard such us BRC and IFS to implement every possible activity that guarantees products made to a higher standard of food quality and safety.

The company provides an organizational model that includes rules and to which all operators employed must adhere therefore we are constanlty committed in production control.

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